Adjust zoom of map (search geographic address)

Can someone please help me with this problem!

I have a map on my bubble webpage and I want users to be able to write in an address, then push a button, and then the map zoom is adjusted to the inputed address.

Its a quite simple feature but cant seem to get it right. Other features regarding the map is workning fine (for example I can sort things in a repeating group based on distance from center of the map).

Please help!


Did it get it to work?

I am also trying to adjust the zoom when a new location is added to the map, but no luck.


Hello Miguel!

I managed to fix it , but as I remembered I did some changes on google maps plattform, and in the google maps API.

Have you added the following?

Google Geocode API key
Google Maps API key

You find it under settings > general

Good luck mate!


Yes, I already have those keys in place, but it the map does not readjust the zoom automatically.

I’ll keep investigating then.

Thanks for your answer.


Hey -

Did you manage to figure it out? I am also struggling with achieving this.