Maps - drop pins, search by radius from location

Hi! I have designed an App, it revolves around users creating events and dropping pins on a map for some event locations, then other users searching for events within, say, a 50km radius of current location. This search would have two views -
1 - map view with the pins showing, and
2 - list view of the events, in both cases showing events within a date range (and matching some other criteria).

TOTALLY new to the development side but happy to put in the time and learn. BUT I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole and find out I am trying to do the impossible when I am 4 miles deep.

Can anyone tell me is the above possible and maybe the level of difficulty? I found an old post on Google where people seemed to be struggling with something to do with GPS co-ordinates, which worried me.

If this is doable I’m going to get stuck in myself, this is the trickiest part I think.

Thanks in advance for reading and for any opinions.


Howdy! Thought I’d bump this one time, apologies if not allowed. If this drop-pin functionality is a non-runner (sorta feels like that) then Bubble isn’t for me. Pity, I’ve been playing with it and really like it!


Hi mate, did you get this sorted?