Marketplace (airbnb like) need to allow "seller" to accept or reject the reservation

Hello all
I built a marketplace like aribnb, at the moment the “buyer” can reserve the space and pay for it and the "seller"has no way to accept or reject the request, as it is automatically accepted.

I am looking to introduce the possibility for the “seller” to reject the request. In this case , of course, the buyer has not to be charged, or the money must go back to him.

I am using stripe standard, integrated with a plugin. Precisely I am using the “stripe” plugin by bubble.

Any help on the flows, database entries and stripe management would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

You probably have a data type ‘Booking’.

Have a field ‘Status’ on the Booking which is an option set. Some statuses might be:

Payment pending → set when Booking is created and payment isn’t yet confirmed
Awaiting seller approval → set when Booking payment is confirmed and seller requires approval
Booked → set when payment is confirmed and seller approves / seller doesn’t require approval
Complete → set after the stay is complete
Cancelled → used when the booking has been cancelled

When status is Awaiting seller approval, notify the seller. Let the seller accept/reject. If they accept, set the status to Booked and notify the buyer. If they reject, set the status to Cancelled and refund the User (the amount to refund is probably saved on the Booking or Booking’s Payment).

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Thank you so much

I idn’t quite get if the various states of the booking flow to be saved are to be saved in the database or in option sets, according to your thorough answer.
I am also wondering if having a payment on hold is possible with the stripe plugin and with the stripe connect standard.

Hi @danpagano82, I put together a video on this topic recently - may be of use:

In particular the “authorize a payment and capture it later” section may be relevant to you. I use it for slightly different reasons than what you’re looking to do, but the logic is the same.

Super. Looking forward to delve into the video.

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