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I am having a little trouble with understanding and implementing the stripe plugin.

I am building a marketplace with sellers offering their service. The seller creates a listing with the price and details of his services and a user can pay for the user’s services.

When the user books a seller, the credit card of the user is automatically charged. The user is charged the seller’s fee/hour as well as a booking fee. I was able to implement this step in my app.

Now, I am trying to distribute the money between myself and the seller.

So let’s say the seller is charging 20$/hour and the user books the seller for 2hours, the user will be charged 40$ (to the seller) + 4.99 (for the booking fee), total of 44.99$.

Now I need to distribute the 40$ to the seller’s bank account.

Can someone please explain
1- How to register someone as a seller
2- How to send the money to the seller and keep the booking fee

Thank you! Greatly appreciated.


I think your best bet would be to consult the Stripe documentation. The concept you’re looking for is what Stripe calls “onboarding”. You can’t do this for your sellers directly. Each seller must sign up for an account on your marketplace.

I don’t know which Stripe plug-in you’re using (there are number of them), but if it’s the one built by Bubble, it should be documented. Check the documentation links on your app’s Plugins tab.

Also, there are Stripe integration services available. You might want to check this post.


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So I was finally able to have the seller being redirected to Stripe’s page and creating their account there. Once they finished the onboarding on Stripe, they are redirected to my app which also works. However, now when a user buys something from the seller, I get the message:

Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later.

This happens in the test-mode. I’m trying to test the app to make sure that everything works before going live.

Do you know why this happens and how to resolve the issue?

I am using the Bubble version of Stripe, not stripe.js.

Thank you

Hi Mac.mehani,

Please could you send the screenshots (and which actions do you use) regarding how you finally able to have the seller being redirected to Stripe’s page and creating their account there? I´m trying in several ways but for the moments it´s impossible for me. Thanks a lot!

So this is a little long to explain in the clearest way possible

  1. you need to install the stripe plugin (by bubble… not stripe.js)
  2. in the workflow section, you need to create a new action.
  3. navigate to payment, and then there’s an action there called “register the user as a seller”
    this action will send the user to stripe’s website where they will enter their business info and create their account

In parallel, you need to set up your stripe account.

  1. Create an account on stripe with all your info, bank account number, business name, etc.
  2. once this is done, go to setting (navbar on the left of the screen)
  3. click on setting under the connect section (top right corner of the screen)
  4. scroll down to the bottom
  5. under the integration section toggle the standard and express accout oauth
  6. under the same section there’s a “add url” button. click on it and add the URL that you want the seller to be redirected to after finishing their onboarding on Stripe.
  7. the URL redirect needs to have the following format: https://[yourappname][thePageYouWantThemToBeRedirectedTo]/poststripeauth
    the version test is if your testing.
    This is how I got it to work. Hope it helps!
    However, I am having other issues with Stripe, is that when a customer tries to buy something from the seller, I get the message “the seller cannot accept payments at this time, please try again later.”
    I am not able to get this fix so maybe I did something wrong in the set up. I’ve been trying to find a fix for it.
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Thanks a lot for your answer mac.mehani! I´ve already fix it, it was a problem with the settings in Stripe (I didn´t complete all the steps). Regarding the payments in my workflow it runs, but I´m using stripe.js (I tried with stripe from buble and I had problems like you). Try with stripe.js I think it´s a great plugin.

Best regards

Turns out that the actual redirect URL should always be
In the app’s workflow, if you want the user to be redirected to another page that’s where you put the “go to page” action.
That is if you’re using Bubble’s plugin for Stripe.
Now the app works as intended.