Marking all checkboxes in Repeating Group using one button


I want to make a button which (after click) will mark all boxes in repeating group. Then after second click it will unmark all of them.


I tried to do it with database and changing “yes/no” but it didn’t work. How should I do it? Is it possible?

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Yes I saw it, but I don’t know how:
“selectallnone” is available in Dynamic Status? As I don’t see my site in the list of possible choices

  1. What is the custom state TempStateList? Is it text, value, or something else? (as I can’t enter it and check it)

It is a custom state, that contains a LIST of all the selected Fruit Things.

How this LIST should be created?

Because I can’t see it here ;/

What is your list a list of ?

This is Data Type:


And I want to put in Checkboxes the list of “Elements short name”

And the Page which I am working on is called “playground”.
Is that what you asked for?

So it will be a list of “Unit 1” in your custom state.

Okey, now it is working :wink:

Do you have idea how to Set Up the conditions for this button? (As I want the same button to mark and unmark all)

Did you get it to work?

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