Selecting ALL checkboxes for all records in repeating group from a checkbox in the header

Hi All

I have a repeating list where I want to be able to select all rows by selecting a checkbox I have in a header for the repeating group.

I have been able to create a custom state to allow me to add and remove individual records from the repeating group, but I am now stuck on trying to figure out how to do the same for the Whole list. I assume this is something pretty simple but just can’t seem to get it to work.

You can see in the image I have the header checkbox selected and I just want all those in the repeating group list on the screen to be selected once this is checked and unselected once this has been unchecked.

I tried just assigning the default state for the repeating group check box to the header checkbox but it only changes the state of the first checkbox in the repeating group and this is because there is a header in each row, I am just collapsing it for each row except the first item.

I suspect its something that can be done with a custom state?


Change the default state of the check box to “checked”, and then reset the group.

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Thanks Nigel!

I got the Select ALL working well and used the example to reset the group and clear the custom state and checkbox in the repeating group, now it works a treat!

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