Marking some (not all) checkboxes in Repeating Group using one button

Hello All!

I need your advise please.
I have a list of “Packages” displayed in a Repeating Group. Than I have a list of “Extras” displayed in a different RG. The sources are two different DBs.

The user chooses (only)one of the available “Packages”, by pressing a Button. Using a custom state for the RG called “Selected_Package” and the Value is Packages.

When the Button is pressed, the custom state is set:

In some of the “Packages” some “Extras” are included. Each package different “Extras”. And if the selected “Package” includes any “Extras” I would like those to be “pre-selected” in the next RG which displays the list of “Extras”. The way the user can choose from the “Extras” is checking a checkbox(Ionic-checkbox). and a Custom State for the RG called “Add_to_Cart” this is a list of “Extras”

So basically some of the checkboxes needs to be selected in the RG. Based on a button click in a different RG.

Thanks for all the advice :slight_smile:

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Hi Florian, you can add a condition to the checkbox element in the Extras RG:

“When Selected_Package’s Extras contain current cell’s Extra”, change the preset property to Checked

This assumes that under the Package data type, you have a field called Extras that is a List. Try that out!

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Hi Gaby,

Thanks very much!
I needed to create the Field under the data type. With that in place and using the condition you have suggested it works just as I have imagined it.
Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

(I am already browsing your knowledge base on Coaching No Code Apps, a lot to learn… )
Thanks again.


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