Repeating group, get checked users


I have repeating group filled with users that have bought the product in my marketplace. Also in repeating group there are checkboxes per each cell (user).

I want to send notification only to users that I will checked in repeating group.

Don’t know how to get to state of checkboxes from specific repeatingGroup. Do I need to play with creating new states for each checkbox?


Hey Mateusz

First create a custom state outside the RG of type Users (calling it Userlist for example). Make it a list.

Workflow when button pressed:

Set state → Userlist → add → current cells User.

If you want to use a checkbox you would have two workflows.

  1. One has a condition that says only when the checkbox value is Yes: Set state → Userlist → add → current cells User.

  2. The other has a condition that says only when the checkbox value is No: Set state → Userlist → remove → current cells User.

Thanks for the response.

Could you tell me how I can use checkbox in workflow? I can’t find this.
When I am trying to pick RG, inside are only states and list of users (data type that I picked before)

Maybe there is misunderstanding. I have two buttons on my page (outside of RG).
One button: Send to all (all users in RG)
Second button: Send to choosen (all users’s checkboxes in cell, checked to true)

In my RG there is only two elements:
Checkbox (determining if notification should be sended to this user) and Text (with user name)


Okay, finally got it.

I needed to do right click on checkbox and select Start/Edit workflow. I picked event for “set state” and created custom state (list of users) and saved value like this:
customStateListOfUsers (yep, that choosen) → :plus item → current cell’s User

. Then in condition Only I needed to check if checkbox value is CHECKED (true).

Of course I needed to do the same for value isn’t CHECKED (false);
customStateListOfUsers → :minus item → current cell’s User


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