Mastercard Payment Gateway

Have any of you integrated Mastercard Payment Gateway on your Bubble app?

I am wondering if there is a pre-written API for triggering a card payment and capturing the response or has someone used Bubble’s API Connector to integrate with Mastercard.


You need to have a bank license to work directly with MasterCard.

The best way is to use a payment gateway such as the Stripe, which supports the MasterCard.

Our Bank uses Mastercard and they provided us with documentation to connect with Mastercard Payment Gateway for merchants. It comes with API reference docs and integration guideline. Quite complex document with REST, Javascript libraries, WADL (??). I was just wondering if anyone has written an integration.

Unfortunately Stripe doesn’t yet operate in Malaysia. Btw, bank direct charges are much lower than those from Stripe, Paypal or Braintree and there is also no fixed minimum charge. The fixed charge makes micro transactions very unprofitable.

Thanks for the details!

Please try to use the API connector plugin made by Bubble. It is safe to use.