What Stripe Plugin should I be using to easily and simply connect my app with Stripe

I’ve installed the standard Bubble Stripe plugin in my marketplace app. This lets my Users pay for purchases by bank card via a Stripe payment Screen. Despite this I see nothing in Stripe - just zero balances everywhere (I’m using test data because nothing is live yet but surely it should appear in the Test data side of Stripe?) and then I’m using workflows to Transfer funds to registered Sellers…again nothing is showing up in Stripe.

I find Stripe almost impossible to get my head round due to the overwhelming amount of tabs, links and general reading they send. This morning they told me I needed to use developers which kills my app in its tracks as I don’t know any, couldn’t afford one if I did and don’t know code which is why I’m using Bubble. I’ve looked more into it and found options to take payments and transfer money by Issuing Invoices, Sending Payment Links, Using Payment UIs etc etc which confuses me because surely the Bubble workflows do this?

I note other people use Stripe.JS 2 (Including the AI I’ve resorted to asking because it’s more concise than Stripe) - might this help me by being simpler? It claims to be very powerful…

Or should I use Stripe API.

Or should I use a combination of them?

Can anyone suggest a simple route through this Stripe maze? I thought I was there but for a tweek or two but clearly I’m miles away and feel like I need to start again. Or just give up and become a dog groomer.

Personally, I don’t use any plugin for things like Stripe, and depending on your needs i often recommend to others not to do so as well (at least if you’re just using it to connect to their API - if you need it for their Stripe.js libraries/SDK then that’s a different matter).

Although obviously plugins can provide a quick and simple way to get set up, in my experience, it’s difficult to find an existing plugin to do precisely what I’ve needed it for…

Any plugin will either be limited in what it can do (and possibly won’t do what you need), or it will contain way more stuff than you need, and so will be more complicated than necessary.

In any case, you’ll still need to spend time learning how the plugin works… and you could just as easily spend that time learning how to make your own API calls with the API connector (which I think is actually simpler, and much more useful)…

That way you have complete control of your Stripe integration… you can do whatever you need to do, and nothing more.

It’s much simpler and way more flexible than relying on any plugin, in my opinion (although there is a little bit more work involved in the initial setup).

Stripe’s API is actually very simple to use (and very powerful) and their documentation is extremely good (probably the best API docs I’ve ever worked with), which makes it even easier to use. Of course there is some time required to get to grips with it, but that is true of anything.

That said, none of that answers the question of why your current set up is not working… most of what you’re trying to do should be simple enough with the standard Bubble Stripe Plugin…

So regardless of whether you connect to Stripe with a plugin or your own API calls, it’s still worth spending time with the Stripe API docs to make sure you fully understand the processes you need to be using, and how to do them.

If things aren’t working, then you’ll need to check your logs - both in your Bubble app AND in your Stripe account so you can piece together what’s going wrong and tri to identify the errors.


Try this one if you wish to charge without redirecting to a hosted page.

The same situation here. I had to use a consultant and it cost me a lot at $80 per hour just to get Stripe working for a simple one way payment.
Then when I tried to copy it to another site, it no longer works.

Just the pains of a half-baked app ( I mean Bubble)
Pretty unhappy in how Bubble has no ready made apps for this.
Copilot folks unresponsive.
The other Strip plugin has no info on how to use it.
Ah well. No one is listening!
I will wait till Bubble grows up.

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I have a marketplace app, and I recommend using the API connector. It’s not very difficult to learn , but once you’re comfortable with it then it becomes easier and more powerful than plug ins. Otherwise you end up using multiple plug in because one does something the other can’t. There’s a very very good paid tutorial here:

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