Matching the data from API with data in the DB


I am making an API call to retrieve product names, I would like to match the names that I retrieved with the names in the bubble database, and show it in a RG.

Some info: Retrieved data is a list of texts, and data type in the RG is “Products”.

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What do you want to show in the RG? Do you want to show the Product data from your database or the text API call values that have corresponding products in your database?

Second one: “the text API call values that have corresponding products in your database”,

I want to show the products in my bubble database that matches the products I got from my database

I think you could use the datasource of the repeating group to be ‘do a search for products’ which will search your Bubble database for products, then in the constraints you will need to use the field you have for name to say something like ‘name is in’ and follow that by the list of names you got from the API…not 100% sure if you can do this in the basic filter on the search or if you’d need to use the filter operator and perform an Advanced search.

I’d recomend building and scheduling a backend workflow to fetch the data and add the needed info to the records in your Bubble DB. That would minimize the number of WU you would need. This is assuming the data you are fetching is rather static like Product descriptions, pictures etc and not dynamic like QtyStockOnHand or CurrentPrice etc.

I think the OP is just wanting to match names from his database to names from the API call results, so I don’t think they need to save any info from the API call to the database so doing so would just use unnecessarily WUs, plus the scheduling of a backend workflow itself costs WUs and I believe the OP just wants to display information to the user based on an API call…but I don’t know, maybe you read the posts differently than I did and I have the wrong interpretation of the OPs needs

I have a similar problem and am looking for a solution. Not sure how to implement this exactly as I’m still a newbie. Do you happen to have some screenshots?

The main difference for me is I’m using a drag and drop RG.