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Material Design UI Components - New Plugin from Purracchio Andrea

@mattb You can see what they do here:

They are very simple to implementing (if you know Bubble native elements) …however you can ask me everything you want and I’m very happy to help you.

Just on mobile at the moment so hard to check. Do the elements include multi-dropdowns and card components? I actually styled.the toast free plugin to look like material notifications - is that included?

So there is only one thing really holding me back and that’s the subscription model rather than the once off purchase


As mentioned, I’ve been on mobile so haven’t been able to check out the plugin properly. If @chad is correct and I’m unable to purchase as a one time cost, I wouldn’t proceed with the purchase :confused:

Whilst I’m happy to pay for plugins, I’m not willing to increase monthly costs. Would you consider adding one-off price option for this?

@mattb @chad

I don’t understand what multi-dropdown means, however next steps will be most important components like date/time pickers, list items …and I can think toast of course.

Well, maybe i will reconsider my point of view about a lifetime license, but will be very expensive, I fear.

Thank you so much. Bye.

Not sure if I sensed a little animosity in your reply? Hopefully not, as I’m just trying to give some constructive critism. What price is “expensive”?

I meant the multiselect drop-down:

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Hi @studio.purracchio Andrea,

Maybe you need an honest comment? My breakpoint for this type of plugin I don’t need but would like to add to my app would cost less than $50. I do not question the quality of the product. Just my suggestion of an experienced consumer.


Absolutely not. Don’t worry. I’m here for your critics.
About price I’m new. I’m in testing step. I test reactions of people to understand what they want.

Very early I set the definitive cost of plugin (if somebody will buy meantime, I will warn he.

The cost will be a very tiny amount for month (for deep testing) and a lifetime license prize.

I will can do this only next year. …in 24 hours, in fact :smiley:

See you soon.

I would only honest comments like yours. I’m here to learn and your suggestion is very appreciated.


I’m almost finished building something similar. I am building for myself but was planning to publish as a template. I have what you have, have also started multi-select dropdown, no plans for date and time. My material components are not in a plugin so not as slick to use. I would consider your plugin but like others it must be a one-off payment and at a price that is in line with other plugins of similar utility value. The few non-free I like to use cost a combined total of about $50 to $100 per app.

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Dear @mattb @chad @newbizviz ,

Now at 2020 I have fixed subscription price at $4/month or $96 once.
If this plugin is useful for you I hope you can buy it, otherwise, it doesn’t matter, it was nice to meet you.

Happy New Year !!!

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i may be missing the obvious but what is the difference between this plugin and

Hi @Bubbleboy,
you can try it for a while to find the differences. After, you can tell me what I can improve.
Thank you for your help.
Bye and Happy New Year.

That seems pretty expensive compared to every other plugin that’s available for bubble. It’s basically two years worth of this plugins subscription cost. Just wondering how you came up with that figure?

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Hi @mattb,
Your question is very appreciated and allows me to clarify finally. Your question is made up of two arguments.

1) Why is more expensive than other plugin
When you have to buy something you shouldn’t compare the price with other things that you don’t need (or that aren’t of the same type). You should ask yourself a simple question:
Is this useful for me ? By answering the question, you “value” that thing.
Now you can compare the price of the thing with the value you gave it.
If the price still seems high, you don’t just have to buy that thing.

2) The lifetime price is 2 years of monthly subscription
The answer to this question is very simple:
What is the problem !?
If you intend to keep the plugin for less than 2 years and be free to get rid of it whenever you want (even after a month) you will choose monthly subscription otherwise you will opt for lifetime.
Payment methods should not be compared by looking for proportional logic.
For example, given your doubts, you can subscribe for the first month, try the plugin, then if you don’t like it unsubscribe.

I hope I have answered the question fully and clearly.

See you soon. Bye.

Fair comments, and honestly, I haven’t given this a fair shot as I’ve not been able to get on my laptop over the holiday period.

I may well try the subscription option for testing. I’ll hopefully get a chance to take a look at this in the next week. I’ll revert with comments once I’ve taken a good look.

So I subscribed to this plugin and it works great, the functionality is also pretty nice.
I have a few changes that I would need you to make for my continued use use of the plugin.

Changes to elements:

  • Major: I use auto-bind all over my app, and definitely need this functionality
  • Spinner - Change background opacity to (for example) 80% #fff, so that other elements are visible, but not clickable.
  • Field date - ability to select only future dates
  • Field date - ability to select only future dates based on another date field (although this may be possible via a workflow)
  • Tooltip on elements - takes to long to appear
  • Field text “area” - the scrollbar is not pretty, would be nice to see a resizeable area
  • One other thing I would like to see changed is the text spacing on buttons (or at least the ability to change text spacing). If you take a look at the image here, the “CHANGE” text button on the left is from the plugin, and the one I created is on the right. The plugin’s text spacing seems to be too far apart, and not the material standard.

material text spacing

Additional elements:

The documentation non-existant, however most of the tools are reasonably easy to understand. I note that there is a “breakpoint” tool, but I have no idea how to use this. Can you update the documentation and also give me instructions for this elements use please?


Thanks for providing me with a major duh! moment. I didn’t know this multiselect plugin existed!

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I’m developing Date Picker. Now, a working sketch is ready. Soon I upload new release that contain it. The plugin is growing daily and there will be all this things.

I’m working for a restructure to separate TEXT, NUMBER and DATE Textfields because Bubble don’t allow to bind multiple value types (this takes a long time …about 2 weeks)

Date Textfield is designed for manual input. You can’t (or rather, it doesn’t make sense) to limit manual entry, however you can do it with date pikers.

I will add a field to insert custom time in ms. (I had already thought about it) :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry but your statement is incorrect. In the pictures below (from official Material Design site) you can see that my button respect the Material Design standard better than you. :wink:

Sorry, but I think that I don’t understand your requests about spinner and text areas. I try to answer.

  • Spinner are an element that must be insert in a Group. That Group can be a normal group or a Floating Group or Popup that can be modify as you want. However, spinner can be used like an icon that can be visible until a loading is in execution.
  • Text areas must have side scrollbar to respect their function. The beauty of scrollbar depends from browsers. However I can try to work on it.

Let me know if I forgot something. Bye.

P.S.: …In future there will be customization options for Fonts according with Material Design Guide Lines