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COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Bubble UX and UI improvements

I am collection annoying bubble UI bugs here…

Confusing: Should be “Preview” and “Hide”

Screenshot 2022-08-10 134716
Missing: Alpha field. Its super annoying when trying to get the same alpha for multiple elements.

Mandatory: When iterating, this is unnessary types. A default and non mandetory description is better.

Forced popup: Seen this 1000+ times now when iterating. Super annoying. Should be optional or not exist.

Screenshot 2022-08-10 134842
Legacy time format: Okay. Lets use the (a lot better) 24H format as default or at least make it an option.


Horizontal layout: Not super easy to see, when there are many action. Should be a vertical list.

Confusing: Star rating is prefilled… Looks like all plugins have 3 stars allready. Set to none or actual rating.

Non-tabbed layout: Names should be indented and aligned for a better overview

Annoying: On large monitors, the distance to so big that I sometimes delete the wrong field. Not good! Add a line, dots or rows in different colours


Screenshot 2022-08-10 142311
Missing state list: A list of states or an option to show them as children of elements would make app design at lot easier

Screenshot 2022-08-10 142414
Annoying: When iterating the deploy action requires at least 4 clicks. A deploy icon in the menu bar would reduce this with 1 click

Not live: The preview should be “live” so that - as a minimum - can test the “hovered” css effect.


Screenshot 2022-08-10 142624
No wrapping option: Add a tickbox to wrap multiline text entries for a better dataoverview. Should be default.

Screenshot 2022-08-10 143346
Suffix missing: Add a field for suffixes. In some countries this is a regulatory requirement and often better way to show currency. Eg. 1.299,00 EUR


Annoying: When moving conditions up and down, the “move up” changes place when not at bottom and vice versa. They should have fixed positions.


Jumping popups: When opening a popup from a page with a scrollbar, the bar disappears and the popup jumps to the new screen canter. Its everywhere and not looking good.


Hi @login
I hope somebody from bubble support looking at this post :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This has been an issue for me too. I stopped using the default popup element and just use a full width/height floating group to put together a custom popup. This solves the jumping problem.



Inconsistency: The light blue color used through out is really horrible and kind of 90ies “web safe”, the darker color introduced with the new frontend UI is much better. Consider replacing the old. Thumbs up for the improved frontend Bubble!

Inconsistency: Rounding differs on elements. 5px is more crisp and suggested over 10 or more.

Bubble is now so big is sad calling it a “Product” when the “APP Builder” is widely used internally and externally as I understand it. Consider switching - Also for branding value. Note: Rounding on the dropdown menu is off. Looks like 20px while everything else i 5 or 10.

Missing “S”… it should be plural: Showcases

Inconsistency: Font is much different from menu items. Should be the same. Profile picture is also missing.


Inconsistency: Links with New Tab uses two different icons. The first 8small blue) is much better and more discreet.

Inconsistency: Both should be sentence case in my opinion.

Bad UI: Filter should be inline and same height as search field. Reset search should be an X replacing the magnification glass when the search field is filled.

Inconsistency: Filled icons looks much better. Last “opens in a new tab” should be circle with arrow in it, much better looking

Add link: To the numbers to go directly to that page

Consistency: Should be filled icon like the others

Hope so, gave up trying to get through to the team. Don’t think they prioritize UI much over performance (which is good). Dumping it here till they hire a UX professional :slight_smile: Feel free to add yours.


Hey @login
Definitely !
I will find out & post it here :+1:
Hope others will join this post

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Hope they fix it soon…
I have around 10k+ records with description fields very long…
Frequently i have to scroll down & sometimes up to check remaining fields data on MacBook pro 13 inches :man_facepalming:


Workflow error: 3 og 2 Pages show. Also: add more items pr page. 12 or 16, 8 is way to few.

Close button: When previewing without the debug bar to get at better representation, we have to manually edit the URL and reload the page. Add a close button to the right to save clicks and types and speed up the designing process.


Add data preview: Downloading view and sales data is not easy on smartphones as most (even iPhones) don’t have a native CSV viewer. A view stats tab using a sortable table with filter that show data for all templates would be a much needed addition to downloading CSV files and probably used a lot more.

Inconsistency: The template uses 3 different preview thumb sizes on the templates tab, template detail page and contributor page. The template detail tab is by far the best resizing correctly. The contributor profile thumb sizes should at lease be adjusted.

Missing dev. license price: The price for at dev license is missing on the contributor profile. Please use the same blue label as on the Templates tab. It looks good as well. Same goes for image rounding.


Order off: The menu item order is off. Also change names. Eg. “applications” to My apps…

Missing margin: Add bottom margins to all tab pages in the editor.

Missing link color and underline.

Confusing: Use different color than link color for data.

Confusing: Indent and align style names

To much information: Use icon instead

Improve: Reduce box bottom margin to allow more properties to be visible.

Responsiveness issue

Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to pay any attention to you. :frowning_face:

@moabe.leite :v: I know, tried and decided to dump it here so I at least did my part and offered help - I love bubble too much to ignore the obvious room for improvement in my and others design process (hence the “PERSONAL”) should probably apply for a position in stead :sweat_smile:

On the other hand, one of my biggest issues was the color selector and missing alpha channel selection. That’s was improved massively last week! Might have pushed on that - Who knows :slight_smile: (you replying also increases chances)

Its a but clunky changing the animations speed of collapse operations on groups. Currently need a hack.

A simple input field defining it just like in other places in the editor, would make this problem disappear :slight_smile: Please add.

NB. Suggested in other threads.


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