🎈 Materialize CSS - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Materialize is a modern responsive CSS framework based on Material Design by Google. This plugin offers a set of elements. It also has these workflow actions:

  • the actions are standard toast,
  • add a tooltip to something,
  • image toast,
  • button toast &
  • add wave effect to buttons

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at https://zeroqode.com/plugin/materialize-css-1543918432097x438239169916436500

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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@levon, I’m liking this plugin, but I need the initial date field to not require a value. I want the the date field to be blank on page load.

Is it also possible to get a combined date/time picker?


Hi Keith @Kfawcett

this is done

not at the moment I’m afraid.

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Awesome! Thanks for the super-fast update. :slight_smile:

One additional bug, the Materialize css file is overriding Bubble styles (e.g. anchor tag color is being set to a blue even though I have links defined as orange in the Bubble text element).

Is there a way you could improve the specificity of the rules in the css file so they only target elements related to the plugin?

@keith What’s the reason of your repeated sarcastic remarks related to what we at Zeroqode do? And also, as a moderator, don’t you think it’s not right to do so?
Is there anything we should discuss to clear things up?

@Kfawcett can you please share a preview link where we can see how it works for you and make sure it’s fixed?

Because instantiating libs is not helpful. I’m tired of Bubble plugins that do nothing. I’m trying to bring this community up and we need BARE METAL plugins. Things designed for Bubble. Things with goes-intas and goes-outas that ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE in a Bubble context.

Let’s treat the Bubble programmer as a PROGRAMMER. Said programmer is not a coder. But “coder” is not equal to “programmer”. Programmer is to be respected.

I care not about Bubble positioning and messaging. (“You don’t have to be a coder.”)

But there’s not a single “plugin” for Bubble that exists today that meets the real needs of no code/low code programmers. (I’m looking at you, Bubble.)

Uplevel this junk it’s important. Get on the train.

If you think that out of 200+ plugins that we built none does a thing or meets

“the real needs of no code/low code programmers”

then it’s your subjective opinion and is not justifying you being sarcastic. I’m going to flag the post above for moderator review (ironically you are one of them).

also, what does this link have to do with what @Kfawcett wrote?


That’s fair, but so is the argument one puts forth when we jam pack a plugin with every feature under the sun. When you have understanding of the methods behind what your trying to achieve in your app then a lot of plugins become a bit of JS here and there BUT when you are the claimed true target audience for bubble, some of these seemingly waste of time actions and styles become magical little tricks that bubble in a lot of cases simply doesn’t have.

I think a far better case of a plugin that is a waste of time is the stupid amount of times someone feels the need to create the same plugin, that does the same thing while screaming yer but it does this better rather than flick the dev a message and give them some advise on how to better develop the plugin and by extension better develop the bubble platform as a whole.

You mention,

How great would it be if plugin developers actually catered for input and output functions specifically so a new plugin that requires those elements or actions could require them and there by keep all plugins relevant but extend the platform functionality at the same time.

There is one other very big issue here, Plugin developers are not just contending with multiple snap together use cases that are impossible to predict & having to cater for bubbles own quirks that can at times really be a pain but when this all comes together bubble themselves can be at times absolutely blind to how useful or needed something you build is to you, a client or the masses that they deny you with the hand of god unfortunately.

This whole platform, concept and idea surrounding no-code hit the ground running, by writing the first line of code… then the fixes come and continue to show up, personally I am thankful that bubble has managed to keep a platform that is no-code enough for the no-coders, ready enough for functional additions to be created even by the no-coders, fast enough for experienced dev to produce product overnight in some cases yet still manages to give you that little spark each time your next idea makes it to the new app landing page.

Its a tricky little world this so called bubble, its like expecting each element to totally accept the others.

Here’s the element and the color it should show.

Here’s the page

Here’s the code. Notice how Bubble is actually creating a <font> tag around the <a> tag with the color I defined in the editor. Seems very odd for them to do it this way versus adding a CSS style and probably the reason your stylesheet was used.

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Hi @keith,

I totally understand your frustration, however, for non-technical guys like me things like this are an absolute goldmine. I currently use about 5-6 plugins developed by @Levon and @ZeroqodeSupport accross 3 different applications and honestly I wouldn’t know what I’d do without them.

I encourage @levon to continue developing plugins like this because just like @PWC mentioned - some of these plugins may seem little but in reality are effective for people like me as bubble simply doesn’t have the time to focus on implementing them. I’m what you’ll class as ‘tech-illiterate’, so I haven’t got the prowess necessary to develop my own or even the time to look for workarounds.


@jamesbond , thank you for your support!
It means the world to us :slight_smile:

@keith, we do understand you are actually trying to support the platform and step up the level for the whole community - we appreciate and support that too.

It’s just that we would be grateful if we could discuss this in private first, with some tangible advices we can act upon besides what has already been said :slight_smile:


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hi @Kfawcett we have updated the plugin and Fixed Materialize css overriding Bubble default css
please upgrade to the latest version, refresh the page and try again

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Thanks @levon! Works great. :slight_smile:

@levon, two bugs.

  1. Even though the “Initial Date” is not required in the Editor. The fields is still setting a date in Run mode. I only want a date set if the user selects one from the input.
    🎈 Materialize CSS - New Plugin from Zeroqode

  1. I’m using the date picker and once a value is added it’s throwing this error and making page loads very slow.


We’ll check this out Keith :pray:

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Hi Keith,
we have pushed some fixes but also, seems that the initial date input references itself which may cause the errors. Please make sure not to do that as it will cause conflicts.
Please upgrade and give it a try

Thanks @levon! Next issues are around auto-binding.

I have two date fields. If I do not use auto-binding, then they appear to show the initial dates. If I add auto-binding to one, or both, then the inital dates do not show, sometimes the calendar popup does not show on click of the element (may be a timing issue on page load), and it appears that the previously set date may get removed from the database.

There are also issues on page load where the date might not show, if I refresh the page more than once it might show the date.

Does this plugin work on mobile?