Math problem with text

Hey all,

Is there a way to do a math problem that contains part of the math within parenthesis?


(188 + 60 * 0.18) + 100

My reason for asking: I’m making an interactive total calculation. Basically, the user uses a slider to indicate a specific amount as one line item. In that same line item they can add “extras” which increase that amount if chosen.

Then, as another line item it auto calculates a percentage based off the slider and the extras, which obviously adds additional costs, which then, also auto calculates in live time

Then, as another line item I have another itemized item of a certain flat amount

I can make everything calculate in live time properly, until I get to the final calculation because the final calculation requires that some of the math being done, is done within parenthesis, to follow the correct order of operations.

If there is no way to use the math operator “(” “)” with the “text” feature, then does anyone have suggestions on how to get the same results in a different way?

Nevermind, I figured it out. I used the “toolbox” plug in to use parenthesis in my math equation…

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