Max count in a List

Hi bubblers !

For a LIST FIELD in a DATA TYPE, what is the maximum number of items that Bubble supports ?

Hi there, @adityasinghal08… the max number of items a list field can contain is 10,000, but for performance reasons, you should consider limiting lists to fewer than 100 items.


hi @mikeloc , thanks for your reply.

Thats a huge difference of 10,000 and 100. Any idea, in what ways can we expect difference in performance ?

I’m sure it depends on what the list contains and what you are trying to do with it.

The database actually supports list fields with at least 100K items, last I checked. Of course, one shouldn’t try and DISPLAY that many items in a repeating group (for example), but list fields can be much larger than the docs suggest. This is all easily tested.

Well, how about that? I have always just gone by what the docs say, and I have never had a reason to try to put more than 10,000 (or even a couple hundred) items in a list.

In the end, it almost doesn’t matter what the max list count is because, to Keith’s point, you’re never going to display tens of thousands of items anywhere. It’s mainly about what you’re trying to accomplish and what you want your user experience to be.

@mikeloc , @keith thanks for your revert.
As per requirement, USER may enter 100 to 150 entries in the LIST FIELD. These shall display as Names in a DROPDOWN & later on the selected one gets saved in DB.
Hope this doesnt affect the performance.

It’s also worth noting that, in the browser, you can assemble extremely large lists and the only limit there is browser memory. For example, in this NanoID demo, we generate a million unique IDs: and check the size of the array and how many unique elements it has in it and this computation is quite easy.

But if we tried to do something like do a .map operation on that entire array (list) of numbers, we’d likely blow up the call stack, though we could easily loop over it with a for loop. Of course, vanilla Bubble lets us do neither of those things :man_shrugging:.