[SOLVED] Page Height Not Collapsing

Hi there, is anyone experiencing an issue where the page height is not expanding/collapsing appropriately?

I have a single page application, which page height is set to 1200px (even though its mobile) as the longest content I have requires that height. I have multiple groups in this page where the longest group is 1200px in height, and the others are lesser. The only group which I have visible on page load is only 400px in height. There are buttons which show and hide the groups based on user interaction.

When my application loads up, there is a long empty space at the bottom which I presume is due to setting my page height to 1200px. I have tried setting the page height to a value of say 400px to avoid the additional empty space, but when I try to show the group with the longest height, it then appears to be cut off after 400px. I have been fiddling around trying out the group collapse height if hidden to no avail.

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All of your main groups (that are shown 1 at a time) should be 1200px in height (or whatever height the tallest group is).

In all of your main groups EXCEPT the tallest group, you should have a “HIDE GROUP” that is placed after the main group’s content all the way down to the bottom of the page. It should NOT be visible on page load and it should be collapsed when hidden.

For example, your 400px height main group should be 1200px. The “HIDE GROUP” should have a height of 800px and be place after the main group’s content (the 400px worth).



I see where you’re coming from, but that only solves it if there are multiple pages?

What if I only have 1 page and a whole bunch of groups on the same page?

Currently, I am using the show/hide method for all groups in 1 single page instead of navigating to different pages.

When dealing with Native Mobile Apps on Bubble “pages” are really just groups. When you said you had a single page application, I assumed (wrongfully so) that you were dealing in that context.

Regardless, the same method still applies. I’m going to edit my previous post so this all makes sense.

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Got it. Thanks for the explanation and updated response.

Just tested it out and it works. Amazing! Although it does seem rather odd having to put another group there which collapse when hidden. Seems like a “trick” but nonetheless since it works I ain’t complaining.

Thanks a lot @dbevan

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Yeah, finding workarounds is literally what the forum is for. Glad I could help. Good luck.

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