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Maximum capacity - what to do?

Hit max capacity and site hangs for users.

I boosted capacity, and this helped for a few minutes, but issue occurred again soon after.

I’m on the Personal Plan. Should I upgrade?

Or look into what’s going on (how do i even start)? Or should I check with support?


This is my app today, I haven’t published it for consumers, only internally using it, for now, look at the CPU usage. I think something wrong with Bubble.

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Thanks, hope it’s something to do with bubble and not our apps :laughing: I did see a similar complaint on FB. Wished Bubble would let us know when things are down

Hey @jayy :wave:

I actually did get notifications of the outage. You can too. You can go to and subscribe to the notifications.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Ah ok didn’t know there’s such a thing :sweat_smile: thanks!

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