Maximum value of a number in an input field

I have an input field that allows the user to enter a two-digit number. I would like to setup a workflow that notifies the user, if the number entered by the user is, say, greater than 20. IF the value exceeds that number, THEN… something else. How do I implement this?

Many thanks for your time!

Hi there, @fabrizio… I’m guessing you know that an input element with a Content format of integer can have a max value, and setting a max value would simply stop a user from, say, submitting a form if the number in the input is greater than the max value. The input would turn red, but that doesn’t help the user understand why their number is invalid. So, one thing I might suggest is you could have some help text associated with the input that helps the user understand there is max value before they enter something in the field. It is usually a better user experience to stop a user from doing something that is invalid as opposed to letting them know after the fact that what they did is invalid.

However, I don’t know exactly what you are trying to do in your app, so what I have written above might not work for you. If you do want to set up something in a workflow, that is easily doable. You would need to put an Only when condition on the appropriate step of the workflow to complete that step only when the input’s value is less than 21. You could also have a step that shows an alert only when the input’s value is greater than 20, and you could have a step that terminates the workflow with the same condition.

Anyway, all just food for thought, but again, what you have described is doable in a number of ways.

Hope this helps.


Dear Mike,
thank you for your quick and thoughtful reply. My content format was “Text (numbers only)”, that’s why I didn’t have the option to set a max value. All good now :slight_smile:

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