Max value in input

Noob question. I have an input field, “Deposit”. Deposit’s value is calculated from a number number in the database (300.00) * the value of another input element, a dropdown static list, “Number”. Numbers’ static values are 1,2,4…12.

I need to have Deposit calculate to a value no more than $2,400. So, if Number’s selected value is, say, 10, the calculated result in Deposit would be $3,000. In such an instance, I need Deposit to only return $2,400.


Set a conditional on the workflow that you are saving the data with. In that set the conditional to say “if deposit amount is greater than 2,400 the value should be 2,400”

There are various other ways to do it, all of which would be using a conditional. Up to your set up of storing data etc. for which way to do it, either conditional on workflow or the input element itself.

Excellent! Thank you for the quick response!

Boston, any idea why this solution works in version-test but not when deployed to Live?

When going live the database is not automatically transferred over…so if you didn’t transfer the database and you are using your database values for the conditions, the condition won’t work as it has no info in the database to evaluate.