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Media library for backend editors?

Sometimes when I am editing, I want to use an image that I have uploaded elsewhere. I want to use it again.

Does Bubble have any kind of “media library” for backend editors? (Like Wordpress and blogging software does)

Short answer … nope :flushed:

The only thing is to use the File Manager in Data tab.
But if you used it in an element, you can always go to this element, and copy paste the url that Bubble display after you uploaded media to it.
You can also create your own Data type Media library and use it.


Interesting! Had not used the file manager before. I had done the “copy and paste the url” tactic that you described.

Well, at least now I know about the file manager.

Thanks a bunch

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I wasn’t aware of this, either. I’d say the UX of the builder needs some work, for sure, but I know they are working on that. I’m 100% behind the fact that they focused on the functionality of the development/database stuff first. Without that, focusing on their page builder’s quality would have made Bubble yet another wysiwyg with nothing impressive behind it. Still, looking forward to seeing the frontend builder get a revamp.