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Member check in page

I would like to know if I am able to create a membership check in page similar to when you check in at a gym.

The member user would have to have a limited number of visits (purchased via plan)

The business user account would have access to the page and when the member user visits their business, they look up member user’s name or email address. If the member has visits left, they are successfully checked in and their number of visits is decreased by 1. If they do not have visits left it presents an error message of “user does not have any more visits”

Yes, this is definitely possible in Bubble. :slight_smile:

For example, in your data structure you can create a new field under the User Data Type called “Visits Available” (Type: Number, List: No).

Then when the gym pulls up a User’s information, they can click a button called “Check-In User”. The workflow for that button could be:
“When the Check-In-User button is clicked” --> Data --> Make Changes to Thing --> Thing to Change: Current Page User --> Field to change --> Visits Available: Current Page User’s Visit’s Available’s value - 1. That will deduct one visit from their Visits Available quantity. (As long as the Check-In page’s Type of Content is User, the option to select “Current Page User” will be shown)

You can also add another workflow to that which allows the User to view which gyms they have checked into (a Visit History function). So, when a User checks into a gym – that visit will be recorded in their History of Visits (including information such as Time of Check-In, and Gym they checked into).

As for the subscription plan part of things, you can set this up using Stripe. Users can either purchase a one-time-package fee of Gym Visits, or pay for visits on a monthly subscription plan.


Faye… You are freaking awesome! Thank you so much for your speedy, in-depth response. I was literally banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out for 5 days now. I really appreciate you!

Keep being awesome!


My last question (I think) would be how would I show a message stating “Welcome” if the user is found and “invalid user” if their name is not found or their count is zero

Hey there,

When you say “if the user is found” I will assume you mean a user that does not have any visits left.

I created a demo app where you can see this in action. and

Basically, on the home page, you can add a business. From there, you can go to a business page by clicking on the button next to the businiess’ name in the repeating group.

Once you are on that page, you can search a user’s e-mail to see if they have any visits left, see how many visits left they have, add a new user, and add visits to a user.

Feel free to check out the workflows and let me know if you have any questions about them! :slight_smile:


Brian! Thank you for attempting to help me!

Your site works great however my needs a bit different.

I am looking to store all of the users information (name, email, visit count) in one database. This will be entered at the time of registration. I was attempting to adjust my needs to fit your site however, the user’s information will need to have their account information in the database before visiting the business location. Additionally they will need to be able to use their visit at multiple businesses. Please correct me if I am wrong about my assumptions of your site.

Is there a way to combine all of the information into one database row?

Your site is great! And very close to my needs! I love the addition of showing the visit count!

I attempted to make some changes but for some reason none of my workflows are working.

Can anyone help me see what I am not seeing?? When I look at the workflow debugger everything seems to be working but it does not reflect on the actual screen.

So just to clarify, the visit can be used at any visit?

Hey Chantell :blush: My pleasure!! So happy to hear it was helpful! I looked at your app in the editor version and created a page called ‘Check_In’. On that page, the gym would be able to enter a User’s email address, and click Search. If there is a result, the User’s information is displayed like this:

I created new fields within the User (such as Profile Picture and Date of Birth so that Gyms can validate the identity of who is checking in, not that you have to do that! But just as an option :slight_smile: ).

When a gym is looking up a User and there are no results for the email address; this text will appear:

The Check-In Button will deduct a Visit from the User’s Visits Available quantity right now, but you probably need to have something set up which will make sure the User can only have one deducted per day (or per visit to a certain gym in a day). Right now, that button can be clicked multiple times in a row (such as three) which would deduct all of the Visits.



All business will have access to the log in page. This will allow them to check members in when members choose to visit that business’ location. The member buys a certain number of visits prior to visiting the business location. Once they run out of visits they will no longer have access to those businesses

Wow Faye!

Thank you so much. This is extremely helpful! I can not tell you how much I appreciate your help and the attention to detail! I am going to work on figuring out how to limit clicks and to deny clicks when the the user’s visits have reached zero so no negative numbers can be reached!

Thank you 100x’s more!



No problem at all, Chantell!! :blush: That sounds like a great plan to figure out those steps next - Let me know if I can help in any way!

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