Paywall change page state (Solved)

I have a challenge that Im having trouble resolving. Any direction will be GREATLY appreciated. Im new to bubble but am starting to get a sense for things.

User selects page to post a job. If that user doesnt have an active membership, I want to redirect them to a different state on the same page to purchase a membership.

I know how to show or hide things based on the users membership status, but not how to show a different state.

Thank you, thank you.


Maybe I could approach this issue better. Maybe I can do on page load… check to see if the current user membership is active and redirect to a dedicated membership page.

But Im not sure how to check the users subscription status in a workflow and verify active is true. Any tips on either approach. Thank you!

One more thought, maybe I can have a popup that blocks the screen asking to select a package. Still not sure how to verify the subscription on page load.

Maybe you can share how you store user’s subscription in your system currently? In mine, the user data type has a subscription mode option set which can be Free or Unlimited:

I change the mode of the user only after he/she paid of course.

If you keep a mode like this, it is very easy to run some workflow actions with a condition checking this Current User’s Subscription Mode.

You gave me the hint I needed !!! Thank you. I hadnt played around with creating workflow cards until I saw your example. Best way or not, it works.


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