@Mentions are almost possible

Using find & replace on a string with a regex pattern @([A-Za-z0-9_]+) allows you to find a @mention in a sentence.

It would be awesome to add the ability to extract a word within a string

:extract only allows the user to extract an email. If you added the ability to extract text from a string, with a regex pattern then it would be possible to trigger a workflow when a username is mentioned, (although mentions themselves wouldn’t be clickable).


I also think that this would be a great addition and probably an easy one for the bubble team.


Could you add the ability to use the :extract feature to extract things from a string using regex?

We could look into adding this. Which Regex would you use that with?

I’d like to get mentions from a text, using a regex like this /@\S+/ should return just that.

I actually ended up using another solution found on the forum which uses webtask and the API connector to accomplish just that but for the future it’d be useful to simply :extract things from text using regex.

And it would return a list of texts?


“This is an @example for @bubble forum”

would return a list of text: “@example”, “@bubble”;

We’ll see what we can do.


We just pushed that.


Excellent. How can I use it?

Same, any more info on how to make this work?


We just published a plugin to do this :smiley:


Hi. I am trying to implement this but cannot…

I created everything that you mentioned in the picture above.
I have a multiline input A and I have a repeating group text. I’m assuming this repeating group text is going to display the names of the user I mention in the multiline input A.
How do i make this happen?
does this eventually work out as how bubble has in their forums, that everytime we type @, a list appears with selection capability. Im assuming the list that pop’s up in bubble is the repeatinggroup text you have up there. Do I have to put in image elements inside the repeating group?

I would use the Tagger plugin, it works very well.


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Thank you. Finally!!