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Searching user after type '@' mark

I’ve developed an application with a conversation between Users. I wonder if it is possible to search for users after typing the ‘@’ sign in the input or multiline input?

I guess there is an official bubble plugin called mouse&keyboard interactions. I haven’t tried it but it could be possible to build something like the following workflow:

everytime a user types @ → show a group focus or a group in which you have a repeating group with the users. you could combine this with a fuzzy search or something similar that you have a live search everytime users type in a new letter.

and then workflow when clicking on the username: add text to text field or whatever you want to do then…

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Hi there, @j.lankiewicz… I have never used it, but you might want to check out this plugin.


@daviddr17 @mikeloc
Thank you for your response. For now I used a “Tageer” Plugin but I’am wondering about Text Editor from It looks more advanced.

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