Hello Bubblers,

We’ve published the ‘Tagger’ plugin we thought the bubble community may find useful.
You can extract Emails, #tags, @mentions, Urls from any text source. Also get a html tagged text.

How to use:

  1. After installing the plugin, add the ‘extract’ element on the page
  2. The source data goes into the input on this element
  3. The extracted values are accessed as This Element’s emails, urls, hashtags, mentions etc.

Happy Bubbling !



This is amazing! :clap::clap::clap: And so easy to set up!

Thank you, again! :slight_smile:


Lol :smiley: Nice touch !

Many Thanks & Appreciate the feedback @fayewatson

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Awesome indeed :slight_smile:

I have just used @fayewatson’s instructions for doing a link preview too !

Has anyone tried to remove a url from some text (as Facebook does when you enter a URL) ?



Just added a new inline mentions feature which has been asked for quite often in the community !

Upgrade the plugin to access the feature :smiley:
Note that you will need to enable the Settings → General → Expose the option to add an ID attribute feature in your app.
Instructions provided on plugin page as well. Feel free to post any questions here.

As always, Happy Bubbling !



So so cool!

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Excited to play with it!

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Already having some fun with it! Thank you for taking on the challenge of building this plugin.

One bug I continue running into:

A space is inserting itself between ‘@’ and ‘username’ after selecting an option from the dropdown. It’s not consistent, and I’ve double checked to make sure there aren’t spaces at the beginning of the stored text data. I’ve tried trimming the resulting data and the space will still appear at random. PM me if you’d like to try debugging some time @gaurav.

Thanks again!


Yeah that’s the default setting. Can add an option to disable the extra space. Good catch !

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I’m loving this, thanks guys for this plugin :+1:

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As requested by @DennisF, here’s a quick how-to to set it up with screenshots:

  1. Enable the ID attributes option in settings tab:

  2. Give an ID to the each input you want to use this functionality

  3. Install a mentions element on the page and provide it the ID of each input to apply this to (separated by ,)


Note that you can use this Mentions element together with the Extract element in the same plugin to use it just like facebook, twitter, slack etc. do in their products (e.g. trigger notifications to the mentioned users)


Just added a new feature… you can also get the formatted BBCode in addition to html text.
In addition, you can set the color of the links in the BBCode as well (e.g. blue or #333333).

Just upgrade the plugin and you’ll see this as an available field on the extract element.



Awesome plugin, thanks @gaurav!


Cool plugin!

We’re having an issue where we can’t get the @mentions element “when user selects…” data source to combine two fields. For example, we have our data structured as a type for our users and first name and last name as separate fields on this type. We are only able to get either the first name or last name to pop up in the dropdown when triggering with the @.

We did think that maybe we should add a new field on the user type of the combined First & Last Names, but that’s kind of a pain. Any suggestions?

Can u share a screenshot of what exactly you’re putting into the field ? That would help me understand the situation

Does anyone have a public bubble link to share showing the use of this plugin?

Loving the plugin but facing the same bug @gaurav with a random space appearing between the @ and my text element. I have doubled checked and the element does not have a space before it.

Hey @mattblake, can you share a screen recording of this issue ?

Thanks @gaurav any thoughts on what’s going on?