Mentoring/Chatting google hangout?

I would like to accelerate my learning a bit and would need to have a chat with someone at some point.

Any way we can organise google hangouts periodically? The closest meetup for me is 4h away by train.

Anyone interested? My timezone is UTC+01:00 (UK)

You may be interested in checking out @sridharan.s’s company, Meetaway and the Bubble meetup community they started. I’ll leave it to him to share more on how to join and any upcoming events.

They’ve hosted a number of sessions brining Bubble users together over screen share. Nice way to get to know other Bubble users.

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+1 for Meetaway. We need Bubble meetups more often!


Here’s a link to our Bubble Group on Meetaway. We meet online over a series of 1:1 video calls. Register to join the group and then RSVP for any of our upcoming meetaways.

We’ve also just added a way for attendees to choose who they meet. So, it’s becoming an even better way to meet and build relationships with the other Bubblers that you’d like to know.

Furthermore, I’ve scheduled our next couple of Bubble Meetaways: One for 9/13 @ 9am Eastern (UTC-4). The other for 9/27 @ 9pm Eastern (UTC-4). This should give most everyone the ability to attend one of them, no matter where in the world you’re located.



Hi there @grbl,
Whereabouts are you? I’m in Cornwall and would love to meet up with any serious Bubblers in the South West of England…