Bubble users in London

Hi all, just wondered if there are any other Bubble users in London and if so, whether it would help to meet up from time to time to try to work issues out / discuss ideas?

I am in North West London.




Am just outside the M25, but can get to London fairly easily and am often there for work.

Sounds like a great idea :smile:

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ok let’s see if anyone else is interested and then plan the first meeting.

which side of london do you live and which part do you visit for work? I am near Hampstead / HIghgate area and work near Liverpool Street station.

Seems to be just us so far. When would be good for you?

Let us know if you need help or something from us!

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Does anyone else out there have any interest or is it just me and Nigel?

ps - Nigel - I tried to message you separately although not sure if it worked

Sorry, yes got the message. vpatel is near London too, so will see if she can come.

Great. Let me know when works. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings are normally ok for me. Or can do lunch with a bit of planning.

A Tuesday evening would work for me. I am away for a week shortly (half term!) so maybe end of October, Early Nov ?

Ok a Tuesday sounds good. I will check those dates and find one that is free. Shall we check with VPatel as you suggested?

Also, where in London is good for you? I am based near Liv St station and go home to NW London but anywhere central would be fine too.

Hey chaps, just saw this post. I’m In London Tuesday - Friday usually. Let me know what you have planned.

Great. We are aiming for end of Oct / early Nov. Will post the details in here.

Think you should all come to Berkshire :wink:
Friday evening in London would be good, no rush for work the next day then

I am fine with that. I think it might be tricky for Nigel though?

Friday is fine :slight_smile: Might draw the line at Berkshire though.

OK maybe we should try to find a good Friday in the next month or so?

We’re going to set up a meetup.com account for Bubble so that all groups can be on one page. Do you guys want to use this? If so, let me know and i’ll start a group that you can run. Should be easier to coordinate.

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Great idea Emmanuel. Fully support that.

FYI to the others in the group, I can only do Tues and Thu eves now. My office is in the City, so flexible on meeting location.

So I just created this one http://www.meetup.com/Bubble-London/, if you guys want to get on that and then one person can be set as organizer (it’s going to be hard for me to plan things from NYC :))