Menu Loading Speed

@JohnMark Thank you so much for creating that demo! :slight_smile: That’s awesome to hear that it compressed the image in less than 1 second! Can’t wait to try this as well!

yes and Ive been testing kraken iouploader out these past few days and the loading icon i placed on the screen I find myself showing it for a longer time after every like 2-3 products added. Its now at 8 sec load time. Lol kinda worried about putting a drinks menu up on load

Its back at an 8 sec load time. With the ops I’ll be conducting, how scalable can this be :thinking:

Discovered yesterday the plugin ‘Multi-Uploader’ (acquired by @ZeroqodeSupport ).

It compress any file on the spot (so no need for outside providers). The compressed ratio is very good with fast response. Excellent for profile picture. It compressed a 1.2M picture to 28k, crop it, and fit the result to make a perfect rounded image.