Merge 3 Fields in another (First+Last Name + Company....)

Is there any fast way to create a merged Field lets say i want to use following quite often:

" First Name + Last Name + @ Company Name" i could always refer to 3 seperate fields but takes ages. Can i create a merged Field in DB here? Any other Idea?


What do you mean it takes ages?

Upon user sign up, or really anywhere on your app, you’d just either have a data field that collects all three (upon user sign up) or on the app itself you just combine the three.


Its just very time consuming to pull all 3 always.

My mistake: I can just create a joint Field fo rall new Users ;-)))
I was always looking at current existing users in my test app, but thats the wromg angle - but i guess u solved it!!


PS: But maybe interesting if there is such a trick for later when you have a full DB and want to do these merged fields…