Joining two Text Fields from Data base

Hi Guys,

I want to join two text type data fields from the app and display. Is this possible…?

So we created a google sign in feature in the app, as most of our user prefer social sign… now all social sign ups have First name & Last name as separate fields.

I want to pull users first name and last name at various places in the app, currently I use text element and fetch both current user’s last & first name but it looks odd leaves an extra space in the middle or no space…

is there a way I create data new field in the app and store full name or some joining action where I can neatly join both the text… please suggest…


Make sure you have the following fields on the user data type

First (text)
Last (text)
First Last (text)

The sign up form can have

Input First (text)
Input Last (text)

On sign up fill out the three fields of the user data type as follows:

First = Input First value
Last = Input Last value
First Last =Input First value -space- Input Last value