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Merging 2 apps together

Hi @Bubble ,

I have created 2 apps: 1 for the landing page and 1 for the product. They are both on the same user.
The landing page is using a free template, the product is using a paid template.

The landing page is on a paid plan, live and as expected only has few pages, some Bubble settings (HTML meta, etc.) and a simple DB model. In short it would be relatively easy to “copy” the Bubble config if need be.
The product page is on a free plan has more pages, more consequent DB model and also some Bubble settings.
It might be a bit more annoying to “copy” the code.

I’m about to release the product soon and am looking at the best way to “merge each other over” in the most efficient way. Looked at the forum but I’m still confused. As this has to be taking into account the paid plan restrictions and what happens if an app is disabled/deleted - does the plan stops and you get refunded the remaining amount, or can the plan (not the app) be transferred somehow to another app (or user)?

I’m also am thinking to possibly transfer to another user (another Google account) as it seems I cant change the email as I use Google authentication?

@cwmoss Plans cannot be transferred but you can certainly copy over elements and data from one app to another. You can cancel a monthly plan and then subscribe to a plan on another app. See this post for transferring apps.

In your Google account, remove Bubble from ‘Third party apps’ or ‘signing into other sites’. Then back in Bubble, you can click ‘forgot your password’ to send a reset link to that email. Once you have reset your password and you are logged into your account, you should see a clickable ‘change email’ link in .

great thanks @neerja neerja

Upon cancelling do you get pro-rated refund, or credit for another app, or it is just lost? I think it just renewed few days ago :pensive:


Hey @cwmoss. Did you end up finding a solution for this?

I was thinking about how I could do this same thing, but my landing/marketing pages are on a Free Bubble plan and the app is on a Paid plan.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!