Merging two Apps

Is it possible to build pages in one app (i.e., not my main app) in the free version and then merge that design / layout as pages into my existing app? I want the flexibility of playing around with an idea outside of my app but don’t want to rebuild it from scratch later.


It’s possible…

You could just create another page in your current app to ‘play around’ and if you like it, it’s already in your app.

That’s what I do :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. This is the scenario I’m trying to avoid because we have so many people working in our app.

There’s no ‘merge’ button per se, but you could right click outside the page design on the editor, copy, and paste the entire page into your other app. It should carry over any workflows you have for the page, too.


Hello @maryfox20

Export your application and create another application. Then import the application into your new application. Work on the new. Then copy and paste page you need has explained above to your actual application.