Copying the whole app into another app

Hi everyone,

so I am currently designing a website, I almost finished. Now I want to turn this to an app, but I need to edit few things like the size of buttons before turning it to an app. What can I do to copy my whole app( with all the workflows, the buttons, and everything) and paste it into a fresh new app so I turn the second one to a mobile app?

When you first log into Bubble and you see your app there on the My Apps page, the second icon underneath it is copy. That’ll create a duplicate of the whole app, with everything you’ve listed included.


Hi !!

I started to create my app and i would like to add the index page from a template, so i started to edit this free template on a new created app. Now I am trying to figure out how to copy this modified template and past it in my final app, any idea ?

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