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Hi All. How exactly notifications work? I guess, it should work with Yes/No settings. But how do you create this? Please explain step by step.
I watched many tutorials but It seems that my case is unique. I’m stuck.

I’ve already created “Read” field in my database with a Yes/No type. I want to display a color shape to the right conversation when the user receive a new message.

How can I do this? I’ve search for 6 hours.

Thanks for your help.

There are a few different ways to achieve this.

One way is to create a new thing “notification” in the database and create a new field on it called “read” which is type yes/no.

Next, create a field on the user and make it type “notification” and check the box for a list.

Add a button to trigger a new notification which creates a new notification in the database and then adds that notification (make a change to a thing, add previous step) onto the user’s list of notifications.

Next you display the user’s notifications list in a repeating group. In the repeating group’s first cell add an element with a condition that anytime the current cell’s user’s notification’s read=no to become visible.

Next you need to figure out how to mark a message as read and there are also lots of options. The most straightforward way is to have a button element on each notification (it needs to be displayed in a repeating group as the user’s notification list) where the user can mark each notification as read. When they press the button, make a change to the current cell’s notification to read=yes

Hopefully that gets you headed in the right direction.

Hi @dserber Thank you for your help.

It works. You saved my life :wink:
As I love screenshots, here is how i did it easily based on your advices:

Step 1: Create and set up the database
Message (database)


Step 2: Create workflows
A: e.g: The user send a new message:
“Send” Button: When Button “Send” is clicked → Make Change to a “Conversation”


B: The user clicks on the conversation to read the message
“When Group Conversation is clicked” → Read = “No”


Step 3
Create conditionals for the Shape


Hope it’s clear and can help anyone else stuck with the notification.

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