Trying to create a notification from a repeating notification group but its not working

Trying to create a notification from a repeating notification group but its not working…

A user gets a notification and clicks on it which creates another notification informing the other user of this current user seeing the notification…

Need help pls?

Why not either…

1 - create a workflow which creates a new notification to the current notification’s creator

2 - create a field which is a list of users named something like “Have seen this notification”, and add the current user to that list when they click on it.

Probably more ways, but they are ones I have used before. Number one is the one to use if you want to create a new notification. Use number 2 if you simply want to be able to visualise the read.

Yea but not exactly my intention

The said user is suppose to receive the notification text, they are dynamic datas on the text for the said user. …

Just keeping the whole explanation short

Sorry @whyteuser. Not really sure what you mean.

If you provide some more detail I can have a think.

First notification is created when userA clicks on userB links… userB gets notified, on the notification is a button which when clicked by userB creates another notification directed at userA (eg thanks for the checkout on my link)…

My problem is… this second notification is not working after setting all the parameters.

Dont know if its because the RG group from which this button is is also a notification Rg cos I couldnt even see where to reset the input workflow… its very funny

I have done a read receipt system before, and this sounds similar.

I will put something together quickly and send you a link.

@whyteuser try this. Is this what you mean?

Wow… this is amazing

Pls work me through the whole process please


I have done it differently to the “real world” so that it works with one user logged in.

In the real world…

1 - Current user creates a message. Send button runs a workflow which creates a message (thing)

  • Receiver = user = the user the message is going to
  • Message = multiline input value
  • Read by = user = leave blank
  • Archived by = user = leave blank

2 - Recipient clicks on the text which creates a new message and makes a change to that cell’s message

New message…
Receiver = user = Current cell’s message creator
Message = “Current User’s name has read your message “Current cell’s Message message””
Rest, same as above

Change to current cell’s message
Read by = Current User

3 - Trash can pretty much same as above, except it adds the Current User to the Archived by field.

If applying this, you would ensure that it would only create a new message when the trash can is clicked if the Read by field was currently empty - otherwise an additional read receipt would be created (as in the example - sorry I threw it together quickly)

You would also ensure that the text is unclickable if the Read by field was not empty. This would stop a duplicate message too.

The text is simply the colour red when the current user has a message, but they are not in the Read By field.

I have now quickly changed as above, so it will work better.

Thanks a million


No worries. If you want to thank me, take a look at my site and share far and wide on Facebook for me :grin:

It’s very new, and I’m trying to drive users there, and also get lots more content created.




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