Message: Operation timed out -- app too busy

Hello my friends, could someone help me with this error? It started yesterday and so far it hasn’t returned to normal!


Error: OwnerError

Message: Operation timed out – app too busy
Code: 1659090900392x637909783183130000

What are you doing to generate this error?

when accessing the system link:

::. Camila Siqueira Fotografia .::

Ok, but what is going on in your application to result in this behavior?

Are you running any workflow on page load?
What data are you pulling?
Do you have any looping actions?
Are your DNS configured and pointing to Bubble?

We need to see what you are doing in the editor to generate this error…

I believe it’s a DNS problem, I just changed it to another domain of ours, I’ll wait for it to propagate and do another test.

nothing was changed before to make it stop working!

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