Migrate from bubble to GoDaddy

Can anyone tell me how to export my bubble website and import it on to GoDaddy?
Or how to migrate the website from bubble.is to godaddy.com?

you will have to recreate it there is no way to export your site from Bubble

Thank you so much for your reply @rtrice81.
It means If i need to deliver my website to a client then I’ll have to use the hosting from bubble?

This is correct

Ok, thanks @rtrice81 . But suppose if my client is already having a hosting plan and domain name from some other service provider (godaddy, hostgator, etc.) then what can be done?

Nothing all you can do it point DNS to Bubble for it to be your hosting, depending on the application and who the audience is geared to you may be able to use their existing hosting package for their company page and then just end users to the application site which is hosted on Bubble


@rtrice81 Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

You might want to build your templates with Webflow if you only want to make templates.

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@nocodeventure thanks

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