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Can i export external sites into bubble

can i export external sites into bubble wondering if i made a site on would i be able to tranfer it here

Nope, not a thing that’s possible currently.

that really is a bummer

Bubble is for buildilng web apps, with lots of interactivity. Tools like Webflow are great for building static sites, but you wouldn’t build Facebook on Webflow. You could, however, on Bubble. They’re very different targets, so it doesn’t make sense to bridge it that way.

but there should be a way to do this there will be one day

I’m not sure that that is a great goal to have. My opinion, of course. It would be like importing a song into Photoshop, they’re two very different things.

ya but it makes things easier isn’t that why bubble and webflow was built for to make building websites and apps easier because webflow is easier bubble is more complex for me but i see what you mean i think it would be a big help if you could do this