Migrate Legacy app to New Bubble Engine + Make Responsive


Looking for a Bubble developer to migrate an existing application to share personal documents across multiple users (60 Bubble pages + 60 reusable elements) to the new Bubble Engine while resorbing technical debt.

The app was developed when Options Set and New Engine weren’t in use yet.

The technical debt consists as follow:

  • Split version for Mobile and Desktop - must be merged into a single responsive one.
  • No reuse of identical workflows which may be either put in unique custom workflow or backend workflow - must be optimised
  • Poor performance (datamodel is OK and won’t structurally change - workflows can be simplified and number of elements reduced) - autobinding? backend workflow? custom states?

If interested, please send your portfolio (along with editor access showcasing your technical proficiency) in DM.



DMed you

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Hi @redvivi
I sent a message, please check, thx

hi @redvivi

pm sent with the detail please check


DM sent with details and sample work. Looking forward to working with you.

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Hello @redvivi
I am currently working on a project with similar requirements and even more ! Let’s communicate to see how we can collaborate together ! Thanks.