MirrorMirror: a simple but effective A/B user testing app

We posted earlier about the Product Hunt Makers festival, no-code edition, that we entered and won to our surprise (well our category).

The hackaton inspired us to write a series of blog posts, documenting how we built the app and how we’re trying to make it into a successful product.

MirrorMirror is a simple but effective app that allows designers, product managers, founders and entrepreneurs to validate a design, a concept, an idea or a text. Instead of having to create your own panel of respondents, we use mechanical turk to provide feedback from real people in minutes.

How does it work?

You select 2 images, two html snippets or two images, add a bit of background for the respondents to understand what they are looking at and for who it is meant. After selecting your panel size, you pay (this is not a free service for us either) and wait for the feedback to come in!

After the all the feedback is collected, a winner is announced. On the results page you can see which proposition has ‘won’ and reference the feedback from the respondents panel for each option.

Get a free test

We gave away a bunch of free tests but now tests start at $1. But if you ping us after you signed up and we can get you a free credit! We’d love your feedback.

What’s next?

We want to focus first on getting some revenue and documenting the process as we go. The initial goal is still to run break even :joy:

Then in a next iteration, we want to implement more advanced user testing focusing on UX design trying to see if we can integrate UX/UI mockups for more interactive user testing.

We’re also planning a tournament option, where you can upload 8 propositions and run a tournament (quarter finals, semi finals, final)

Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

Vincent & @mattmazzega