Missing Key Functionalities

Hi @emmanuel and all bubblers!

First, congratulations for what you have done with Bubble allowing us to create awesome things!

This is just a comment to help improve the platform, regarding some functions I’ve struggled with during the development of my app.

It is a Blog like app, functionality built with bubble. It is aiming to become something bigger in the near future. So I really wanted to start with bubble, because this allow amazing things without need to know code and been working with it. The app is almost ready to go in bubble, the blog phase, unfortunately, I’ve found several limitation with basic functionalities that involve using external API’s. Functions like

  • Uploading, playing a video: Not an easy way to do it, and API charge.
  • Translating: Need to pay external API service as well.
  • Image gallery: The plugin doesn’t seem to work correctly, or is too complicate to use.

These are key functions for a blog. Paying is not such a big deal now, however the implementation results really frustrating, the video and gallery features! :confused:

So PLEASE GUYS! If you implement solutions for these, Bubble would be EVEN MORE AWESOME! And to be honest, I would need these in order to use bubble for my project.

You guys rock! Have an amazing day! :slight_smile:

Whats wrong with the carousel plugin?

I think there are plenty of plugins to help with video playback and image display. Repeating groups are easy to setup with both types of content.

Video upload is a bit more tricky with the 50mb limit but you can always host them somewhere else as isn’t unusual with blogs.

As for translation: Bubble has functionalities to implement this so no need necessarily to use an external provider (also be aware with services like localize that they store all text on their servers so searching in a secondary language for keywords on your app will not give any results)

However, Bubble is not a blog (building) tool so you could always use an existing service to fill that purpose.

Hey @vincent56

Well, maybe I’ve missed something about the carousel and the video. Any help is welcomed!

So, about the blog, I do understand that, the thing is that Blogging functionality gives a website more flexibility, and is always fun to share yours, or some stories. And the thing is that my platform needs this blogging functionality, so I would like to make it on bubble, and after include functionalities that bubble is great at.

What about something like this?

This is a user created blog template. You could use this or get some inspiration out of for your own version.

Wow! There are templates!!! off course!!! That’s the way to go! I will check it out!!!

Thanks a lot @vincent56!!!

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hey @vincent56 wanted to ask you a question, that I still have some doubts about the performance of buble in web applications, my idea is to create complex applications and that they receive a good amount of users, based on your experience you think it is a good way to create bubble applications where hundreds of users browse?

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It’s a good question that I share. I am also aiming to make my web apps to handle large quantities of users, and features like payments, in other currencies than dollars.

Should we go with bubble?

I guess it depends on what your definition of complex application is. I don’t run an app with hundreds of concurrent users at the moment but there are plenty of Bubble apps that do.

Apart from the complexity of your app it depends also on your server capacity and the amount of data your app contains. There is a performance thread on the forum that you can use to optimize the structure of your app and the way it stores and retrieves data. I’d suggest to just start building and see the strain on your app when the users increase. When the server capacity is maxing out, its time to add additional server units.

This way you add the extra capacity when you need it as I doubt you will start off immediately with 100’s of concurrent users.

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oh thanks for the answer, let’s say you have an app where there are 100 users momentarily, I had to buy the $ 68 plant right? Do you think you would have to add some new unit? that would be $ 20 more.
I do not finish understanding how the plan is, and I do not really want to immerse myself in a big project, without being clear about these points.

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@nicolasgustabo Are you talking about 100 users a day or a month? I also share this concern about the traffic capacity and the pricing. Isn’t very clear for me neither.

I speak simultaneously, obviously not always with that amount but would be the high peaks, I know it is not easy to reach that number either …
I have seen the speed of webs created with bubble and most give 80% of the performance of another web created without it.