I've opted to build a webapp with Bubble, few things left to figure out

Alright, I’ve opted to make my Web app with Bubble having watch a lot of videos and seen a lot of websites built with it.

Few questions,

Baring in mind the core of my app will rely on an external API.

  1. Currently my website is just a forum, I pay about £300 a month in hosting fees. The website has a constant traffic off over 120 people, but with this webapp I’d anticipate that to grow to about 300 within a year, with peaks every November between 300-1000. What pricing platform would I be looking at?

  2. My current website has 512,000 members, and I will migrate all of them to Bubble. Can it support that much data?

  3. Under heavy use, what is the performance on Bubble like if I use tools like Algolia search and external APIs instead of relying on the built-in database as much as possible. Can I expect decent performance?

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