Missing number operators When expression evaluates to a number

The first screenshot (below) shows that “s-index” evaluates to a number, yet as shown in the second screenshot, the number operators do not appear.

I would like the expression for the search parameter to say at its end “s-index + 1” Noteably, this language is possible for the API-workflow parameter (as shown on the left side of the first screenshot).


The step shown is in a custom event within the backend workflows. The step schedules an API workflow (which is triggering this custom event). This step schedules a loop for a list of “rules” within a loop for a list of “steps.” (Sorry for the confusing names.)


Have you activated the “expression prenthesis” experimental feature?

You can find this in your app’s settings > versions > experimental features.

Dont worry about it being considered experimental. Ive never seen anybody have problems with it/experience bugs.

The reason why you currently cant do what you want to do is because the expression is evaluating left to right, and the expression is actually evaluating to a step, not a number. As soon as the expression afteritem # evaluates to a number, it will apply itself to the list preceding it, and there is no way to change the number without expression parenthesis.

Edit: i recommend activating expression parenthesis, however if for some reason you dont want to, try using Arbitrary Text instead of “index” and insiside the arbitrary text put Index+whatever you’d like, and then use :converted to number after the arbitrary text. This is what i used to do before parenthesis were a thing.

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