Missing some fields in Data tab

I have about 20 fields in a Data Type called Classes. But I only see five of them as in the photo. When I tried to read in data from a .cvs excel file, it only goes into these few fields. Why are the other fields not there? I can see them if I click on the edit icon. They are there but I dont see them in this view.

Hi there, @accts… if you click the small 18 additional fields link in the upper-right part of the screen, you can create a new view with more of the fields for the selected data type.


Thank you. Thats great.
One more question, how do I add another field to this database?
When click on the Pencil, it says modify and mentions about constraints but I dont see how I can add another field to it.
Thank you, Mike.

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You add fields on the Data types tab in the upper-left corner of your screenshot.

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