Adding additional data fields to an existing table

Hi everyone!

Our nonprofit has a question about adding data fields to an existing table.

CW_School is a database with 124,318 entries. I want to:

  • add two more fields to the database
  • upload a CSV to add data to existing records for those two new fields.

I was able to add the two new fields, which are named ‘VWL URL’ and ‘SWL URL’ .
They appear in the “Fields for type CW_School” list of fields, which is shown below.
Those two new fields also appear on the page to add a new entry, on the page to modify an existing entry, and in the pull-down list to match fields when I try to import a CSV with data.

However, only one of the two new fields (SWL URL) appears in the chart view of the data, as seen below. There is no column for the other new field (VWL URL):

Can you please tell me what might be keeping the other new field from appearing in that chart view?

Thank you very much!

You’re not seeing that field because that field is not included in the table view.
A view is basically shows a subset of the table’s fields.
And you can create as many views as you want with different views having different fields.
You can also create a view that has all the fields of the table.
Views are very useful as it allows you to focus on the fields of interest.

In you Data page and on the App Data, there is a button New view that you can use to create a new view by selecting the table and choosing which fields to show in the that view.
You can also click on the edit icon (:pencil2:) by an existing view to modify it by adding or removing fields.
As you can see in the image below i have several views for the Listings table.

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Thanks, seanhoots! We really appreciate your help. Please pat yourself on the back for helping a nonprofit ( You are a life-saver!