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Mobile App - iOS & Android with Push Notification

Hello Bubbler’s

I am working on a platform for Mobile App Solution (iOS & Android) for the bubble app. This notification is to analyze the requirement ratio.

Kindly, vote and specify if you require the service [poll type=regular public=true]

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I am trying to introduce a one end solution for Mobile App for both iOS & Android at a very reasonable pricing. Basically, one can make there bubble app into a mobile app.

Kindly vote if you would like to subscribe the service.


That sounds great. There are already several products that do this, just fyi. Any idea of your pricepoint?

30$ to 40$ per year most likely, but we are working on it. May be will add a feature like pay as you go.

Way too less than phonegap and integration time 10 minutes.

hi @supernaturally. Do you have any idea on how to implement push notifications with Gonative? :slight_smile:

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What’s the roleout time… Is this just scoping out a need for now?

Hi @yonimn, they have fairly detailed instructions on their documentation page. Basically., you setup a One Signal account, Google Firebase, Apple APNS, and follow instructions.

I am just waiting for paypal account to get activated… Well as i get two requisites… I can begin off anytime… And the integration wont take more than 10 min…

You would get a dashboard for push notifications

Check out the pricing

Hi @veshoe23, Interested in this especially if it would have push notifications support allowing PNs to specific users via API calls. When will this be available?

Thank you, sorry for the delay…
I purchased the one with the push notifications I’m just struggling with the bubble side of things…

That would be advance feature and it might cost extra… if u like to choose user for notifications… well in a day or two we might be live… please bear with us.

Oh… thats sad and unfortunate well how much are you paying… in regard with bubble happy to help for what i know

Alright. I will be waiting. Please make sure to outline the extra cost for the user specific push notifications.

Hi All

Just completed few of the tech crunch… the easy 3 step native app solution… likely to convert any website into native apps (android or iOS)… kindly test run the demo app and advice your feedback or place order with avail the introductory offer …

Please check the demo app - branded as WEB2APP. Please download th native app file and test run ---- webste
clic on demo section to download…

@Yinka @supernaturally @yonimn @dp.philippe @a.m @petter @JustinBallou @aphz88 @gusai.saad @LouisJ

Hi @yonimn

I am looking for the same push notification solution with wrapper. Mind sharing if you have found one?