Native apps with push notifications once and for all?

After building on Bubble a bunch of websites (some of them quite complex) and an Android app (using Jasonelle to encapsulate my web app into a mobile app for the Play Store), now I need a way to implement push notifications for a new project. However, it seems like it’s an impossible thing to implement on Bubble, whether or not we use a system like OneSignal or whatever.

Is there a “straight forward” way to turn a Bubble web app into a native mobile app (Android+iOS) with push notifications? I’ve read about, but come on, there must be a way to send push notifications based on events, API workflows, etc. without doing crazy things outise Bubble :smiley:

And if there’s nothing yet, I’m willing to get involved in a team of bubblers willing to develop something for the community.

Thanks and looking forward, bubblers!


Have you checked out @gaurav’s bdk native?

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@stone thanks for that! Indeed, I was reading about it, and although it seems like a solid alternative to, I think the US$199 price is a bit too much for me, at least for now :slight_smile:

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