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We are in need for a working push notification tutorial

Is there any up to date push notification tutorial? I haven’t managed to find a solid one. We need a tutorial that covers it all, from an empty bubble app to a push notification.

As I really can’t get anything out of the threads below (and I’m probably not the only one), I figured we who need it, can pay someone that has gotten this to work to make one.

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Unfortunately, the freelancer that I thought I will be working with for a veeeeeery long time scammed me BIG time and even affected my business image and I will have to call it in court to settle the issue.
I will search for a new one next week to fix this plugin. After that I will create a tutorial.
I am truly sorry for all the delays.

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Hi @mvandrei, thanks for your reply. I’m really sorry to hear that you got scammed, not fun at all.

Ocay thanks for the info. I will be happily waiting.

You don’t have to apologize, especially not if you are doing this as a free service (not to assume that it will be free, I think I’ve read that in a post of you)

It is and it will always be free. After it will be 100% functional, I will offer some donations options. But it will be free as promised.

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Will for sure buy you some beer! Do you have an estimated timeline of when you will be finished with the tutorial?

I have no ETA at the moment. When I gave some, it was delayed and I don’t want to do that again. Sorry. I will do my best to be ASAP.

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Completely understandable!

Sounds great, been trying to get it to work for a while now!

I know. I’m sorry for the delay.

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It’s okay, I know you’re busy.

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@romanmg just released a great video on YouTube about notifications being linked to the user that you should check out. So simple when you see how she lays it out.

Video link

Sign up for her VIP program and you get access to a neat library of guides.

I think there’s a bit of confusion here. We’re talking about mobile push notifications, not notifications.

This thread is hilarious.


Thanks @josh10, appreciate your reply but as @marcusandrews said, we are talking about push notifications.

@keith… please. I mean, what’s the point?

Hi everyone, any update about the best way to implement mobile push notifications ? I’d like to send a notification to my users when a specific event happened in the app. In my case I’d like to notify mu users when one of their friends is nearby. Here’s my app:
for more information: landing page: and twitter @facet_life


Go complain to Apple. The reason this isn’t easy is “because App Store.”

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Web push notifications are notifications that you receive in your desktop browser or mobile browser. They are delivered from the server to the user even when the user is not on your website and sometimes when the browser is not open.
Web push notifications are easily set up in your website. A mobile app is not needed to receive any notifications.

Anatomy of web push notifications

Web push notifications contains the following elements:

  • Title: Subject of the message. It catches the attention of the user. Ex, Buy 1 Get 1 Free.
  • Content: Body of the message. It should be short and direct. Character count varies between browsers.
  • Domain URL: The domain which has sent the notification.
  • Notification Icon: You can add an icon to your notification. This can be the website logo.
  • Browser Icon: The logo of the browser rendering the notification.

Note: Web push notifications vary in appearance by operating system and browser.

How web push notifications works

Any website can send web push notifications after installing Javascript code to enable them.
Users have to opt-in to receive push notifications before they start receiving them. As part of the opt-in process, the browser displays a built-in prompt to ask the users permissions. This a browser-based opt-in prompt .
Website can also show a soft-ask opt-in prompt implemented with HTML/CSS/Javascript. This is a strategy for securing an opt-in other than than just showing the browser-based opt-in prompt without any additional context.
When the users indicate to receive notifications through the soft-ask opt-in prompt , then the browser-based opt-in prompt is displayed. Once the users are subscribed using the browser-based opt-in prompt , their subscription information is stored, and then they can start receiving notifications.
The web push notification is sent to users (reference by their subscription information) through an API call to a respective browser cloud manager – like GCM, APNs, etc. The cloud manager validates and delivers the message to the right browser.
Once the browsers come online, the push service delivers the message and the browser displays the message.

Browser support

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge currently support web push notifications. Supported browsers vary by vendor.
Notifications vary in appearance between browsers and operating systems. Some notifications might use the native notification centers.

Note: Not every mobile device can receive web push notifications. Apple mobile devices (iOS) do not currently support mobile web push notifications. So, users using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge on an iPhone or iPad cannot receive web push notifications.

How to implement web push notifications

You need to use a third-party service such as Webpushify.
The implementation steps are:

  • Create an account in Webpushify
  • Register your domain in Webpushify console
  • Install a JavaScript SDK (code snippet)
  • Website owners can start by registering service workers for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers
  • Website owners must generate certificates for Safari browsers.
  • Start sending notifications using Webpushify console
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OneSignal PRO seems a really great plugin. Just would like to know if is was fixed?
I found these tutorials on Youtube and was wondering if I can use this guide to install the plugin.

As for push notification tutorials, here is another great channel and interesting guide. Maybe can be useful for someone

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Great links. Thanks.