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Hi @scottb50,
The ‘Back button’ referred here is the mobile back hardware button or the app button that we create?

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The app button. How are you implementing native?

I am still exploring options, went through android studio but could not understand a word, I am not a coder or even a professional developer.
Explored gonative but it is quite pricey for an individual to gamble as I am not building for a client but for self use, the expenses will from my own pocket. Dropsource still seems to a viable solution.
Any suggestions?

The least expensive solution is seemingly a template from codecanyon (or someplace similar). The builds my not be the same as dropsource.

There are others mentioned in the forum.

I haven’t tried this route–would love to know your results if you do.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll definitely try it.
You mentioned builds, are dropsource’s builds good?
And the implementation…

I don’t know enough about builds to have an opinion, but I haven’t seen complaints. Ive also looking at progressive web apps. has some interesting examples.

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